Federico Monti Arduini


For over 15 years Federico Monti Arduini was general manager of the G.Ricordi & Co. Popular Music Publishing Group, one of the most important record and publishing companies on the Italian music scene. From 1972 to 1975 he was Artistic Director and Assistant to the Chairman of Polydor/Polygram Records.


In June 1996 he founded the Cafè Concerto music publishing company.


Two years later he was appointed Chairman of EMA, then an influential association of music publishers, holding the position for five consecutive years (1998-2003).


He was a member of the management committee of IMPC/CIEM, the International Confederation of Music Publishers which, among other things, deals with the protection of Copyright at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


He has also held various roles with the SIAE (the Italian Society of Artists and Publishers), sitting on the Foreign Committee (1998/1999), the Studies and Reforms Committee (2005) and the Study Committee for the Articles of Association and Regulations (2009/2010). In 2013 he was appointed to the SIAE Management Board.


Before founding the “Cafè Concerto” publishing company, Federico Monti Arduini was already well known across Europe as a musician, composer, record producer and TV personality.


As a composer he has penned many successful hits for Italian and international artists, including “Ma ci pensi “ for Mina, “Il Primo Bacio Che Darò” for Gigliola Cinquetti, “Dolce amor” for Frankie Avalon, “Dolci Sogni” for Santo & Johnny and “Solo Tu” for Orietta Berti. Thanks also to the English version by Cliff Richard, this latter composition has sold 12 million copies across the world to date.


As an artist/musician/composer, under the pseudonym “Il guardiano Del Faro” he reached the top of the charts in 1972 with “Il Gabbiano Infelice” and in 1975 he won one of Italy’s most important music festivals (Un disco per l’estate) with his composition “Amore Grande Amore Libero”, once again dominating the Italian pop charts for several months. The same year he was awarded a Telegatto – one of Italy’s top television personality awards – for most popular artist.


He has also written and produced various film soundtracks including “La Orca” directed by Eriprando Visconti and “Amore Grande Amore Libero”, based on his successful hit record.


As a producer he has worked on the development of many records by Italian and international artists (such as Umberto Balsamo, I Nuovi Angeli, Carmen Villani, Santo & Johnny, Frankie Avalon, Joe Damiano and more recently Mario Rosini, who came second at the 2004 Sanremo Festival).


As a television personality, over the years he has appeared as a regular guest on many programmes, including “Blitz”, “ Blu Domenica” and “ Il Sabato”. He also presented the RAI 2 Saturday evening show “Il Cappello Sulle Ventitrè” for two years.


He is a founding member of EMUSA, one of the most important music publishing associations.