Luigi Sarto was born on 26 May 1981 in a little country of 6000 souls in the province of Caserta, named Calvi Risorta.


Luigi began writing poetry when he was 18, when reading the poets of Italian hermeticism, first of all Eugenio Montale, reveals a language of emotions that excites him so much and arouses the desire and need to communicate these emotions.


In 2000, at the age of 19, Luigi moved to Milan to study Modern Literature at the University, and some time later he met Franz Di Cioccio, founding singer and leader of Premiata Forneria Marconi, who will teach him the basics of the structure of the pop song. and so Luigi will start writing his first songs. After a few years, the fateful meeting with the famous author Pippo Rinaldi also known as “Kaballa” takes place. And after a first moment of misunderstanding between Pippo and Luigi, – Kaballà will teach Luigi a lot about the creative process of a song.


The relationship between Luigi and his mentor is interrupted in 2012, when Kaballà dismisses Luigi saying that he is now ready to walk on his own legs. After collaborating with numerous authors, in 2016 Luigi meets Remo Elia, his childhood friend and composer and arranger, who will introduce him to Luca Sala, a famous songwriter. Together they wrote numerous songs, including “Noi casomai”, the international success of the Tiromancino of 2018. Relationships with Italy’s most successful authors continue: he begins important new collaborations with musician and producer Jason Rooney and with authors Massimiliano Pelan and Sharon Simonetta.


In September 2020 the song “Finché ti va” was released interpreted by Federico Zampaglione and the Tiromancino and written by Luigi with Zampaglione, Jason Rooney and Camilla Capolla.


Other great songs written by Luigi are about to come out…